Need to compare PIN diode specs

In the visible, essentially all silicon photodiodes have quantum efficiencies of either 90% (coated) or 60% (uncoated). The exceptions are mainly diodes in coloured packages, e.g. with blue filters for light meters or 800-nm longpass filters for IR remote controls. You're basically comparing areas here.


Phil Hobbs

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Phil Hobbs
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I have data sheets for two PIN photodiodes. I would like to compare their sensitivities. One of them is specified in mw/cm^2 and the other is in lux.

I have tried to find a way to convert one to another, but it seems that the mw/cm^2 is radiometry terms and lux is a photometry term involving weighting due to the response of the human eye. I'm at a loss.

Here are the relevant data points (I think):

Diode 1 Vishay BPV22NF

80 uA at 1 mW/cm^2 at 950 nm

Diode 2 Sharp PD481PI

5 uA at 100 lux at 960 nm (actually, they say 5 uA at 100 lux using a CIE standard light source (tungsten lamp) but peak sensitivity is at 960 nm)

Any help comparing the relative sensitivities will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, John

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John - KD5YI

My comment is that it is pretty piss poor that a data sheet for a photo diode does not provide the active area. I bought some of these a while back and noticed this lapse. Someday, I will dissolve the plastic off and measure one.

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John Popelish

Hi, Phil -

Both are in plastic IR filter packages. The BPV22NF area is given as 7.5 mm^2 but the PD481PI is not given.

Thanks for your comments.


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John - KD5YI

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