Need suggestion on Robot to follow?

Hi folks,

I'm considering building my next generation of pull cart robots. The first was controlled with a pic16876 and car door lock remote control. Does anyone have a suggestion on methods and components to use for getting the bot to follow me as I walk. I think the comercial versions of this have a clip on device that transmits high frequency sound. Any suggestions or good ways to approach this? thanks jim

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Imagine two semi directional microphones

Vcc ! Right motor Right ear >--Amp-Filter--Rectify----!+\\ ! ! >-----+ Left ear >--Amp-Filter--Rectify----!-/ ! Left motor ! Vee

It looks like a couple of Quad op-amps and a PNP-NPN pair will do the whole thing if you don't mind it crashing into you a lot.

Adding a third microphone for the up direction, would allow a bit of logic to stop the motors when the angle to the sound was over 45 degrees. You can PWM the motors at 3/2 the audio frequency to keep their whine out of the audio stuff.

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