need power supply circuit?

I need a circuit for a power supply with voltage and current regulation. Something like 0-24V (or 0-30V), and at least 0-5A (0-10A will be perfect). SMPS will be great, but linear is good to. Can anyone help me?

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Ivan Matacic
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There are many bench psu designs around, but the linear type - which I consider the most rugged - will perform for many years without breaking down. I would suggest something like this "old reliable"

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I would give a warning that unless you have most of the components already on hand or can get them cheaply, a bench supply such as this could end up costing in the region of several hundred dollars to build. If you aren't really into electronics construction then buying on Ebay would be a much cheaper option.

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Ross Herbert

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Sure how much are you willing to pay me?

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