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I need to simulate a basic boost regulator like:

[Vin]-------[inductor]---|----------[diode]----|-------[output] | | | | [control]--[mosfet] [capacitor] | | | |----------------------|---------------------|

So I was thinking of splitting into 2 sections: one for the on state and one for the off-state.

On State: [Vin]-------[inductor]-----|---------------------|------------| | | | | | / [capacitor] [Load] | / | | |------------------------|---------------------|------------|

Thanks to John Larkin here on I already have the code to do the on state:

FOR T = 0 TO 1 STEP DT IL = IL + (Vin-Vout) * DT / L IR = Vout / R IC = IL - IR Vout = Vout + IC * DT / C NEXT

So now I just need to do the off state.

Off state:

[Vin]-------[inductor]-----| | | | [inductor resistance] | | |------------------------|


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Scott Ronald
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This reminds me of some paper I saw long ago.. Is this that state space variable analysis thingy for smps design ...or something like that? I thought that was from a time when computers running spice were slow.. Isn't the brute force method with sim'd components the norm these days with fast PC's? What's it up to now.. 3.2Ghz? I dunno...maybe I'm missing something here...

D from BC British Columbia Canada.

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D from BC

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