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This also applies to the modern work environment. Just love it when they have to take an ICBM offline, mothball a nuclear submarine, or in the case of one bank take a $900M hit due to bad investments made an employee hired under progressive circumstances.

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It's a silly video, most of the kids I went to "art school" with that got degrees (almost all) busted their ass day in and day out to get them because a) they were quite aware that they weren't intrinsically talented enough to hack it in the STEM world, in some sense thinking in that vein is something one must have the good fortune to be doing from an early age to be successful and isn't easily taught to just anyone, and b) they knew they'd be in a fight to the death with each other immediately after graduation over the small number of jobs left that fall somewhere between "would you like fries with that?" and "cool baller STEM guy" that haven't been mechanized or outsourced.

Frankly most had to study a lot harder than I did.

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