Maximizing sub-harmonics

I need to produce a signal, at any frequency below the regulated boadcast band, that will be a sub-harmonic of a specific frequency in the 10-15MHz range.

To maximize the effect, I assume a square wave with as high a rise time as possible is advised, and at the highest practical frequency.

Are there any tricks of the trade on how to achieve the best possible result with minimal cost and complexity.



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Ken Insworth
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Since you've squared-up the signal, just use a digital divider.

...Jim Thompson

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Jim Thompson

"Ken Insworth"

** So you mean below AM band at 560 kHz - right ??

** Means what exactly?

** Which "'effect" is that ?

** Huh ???

Do you want "sub harmonics" or harmonics ??

** What "result" is that ?

So far - your query is well in line for a vagueness award.

....... Phil

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Phil Allison

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