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iPaq rx-1950, built in wifi I have a WAP set as default, no security etc Two computers on the wireless network, a PC and laptop all talking happily to each other and the Net.

I can also connect to the Net using the iPaq via the WAP. I can ping the PC from the iPaq using the PC address (all addresses set by DHCP)

I can ping the PC from the Laptop using both its address and name.

I cannot ping the PC from the iPaq using its name.

I've tried everything I can think of and have run out of ideas - any suggestions? I have a PPC app that needs to access the PC by name, and I'm screwed...


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DHCP should configure your iPaq with a DNS server for name resolution on the internet (if you are connected). However, the addresses handed out by the DHCP server (the WiFi hub) may not be resolvable via the global DNS server.

Can your iPaq reach servers on the internet by name? If so, DNS is working.

The PCs may 'know' each others name using one of two methods:

Either using the Windows file sharing networking discovery protocols or:

The Windows PCs have HOSTS files set up on them which map IP addresses to host names.

If the iPaq can do Windows file sharing, make sure that's turned on. Or see if there's a way to maintain a HOSTS file on the iPaq.

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Perhaps this:

formatting link

Or have WINS running on the PC.

Thanks, Frank.
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