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Can somebody help me in undestanding the size limitations of a flash drive based on the current flash memory technology? All usb flash drives are no smaller than the width of the usb connector. Is the size of the USB connector the only thing limiting a flash drive from being even smaller. If an adapter was made to go from the usb connection down to a much smaller connection that would connect to a flash memory device just how small or skinny could we get here? All the pen flash drives that I have seen are all large in diameter. With the idea I just stated, could pen drives be made that are much smaller in diameter. This is just something I'm working on. Any info would be great.

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Look at old game cartridges. They had a single rom (often just of the blob type), yet they were big. The point being that tiny isn't always the most important criteria. Make something too small, and you risk losing it, and certainly it becomes harder to actually use.


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Michael Black

I've opened up a couple of these and the chips i've seen in them all tend to be about the width of the usb connector. There's very little in the way of other components however, just a crystal resonator and a few tiny SMT components. on the other hand, check out the credit card sized usb flash drive:

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just the top google result so i'm not recommending it in any way.


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Mark Fortune

sandisk do a 2G SD/USB card but 4G is only available in SD only, I think that meand they cant fit the USB connector and 4G of flash into the size of an SD card. yet.

Bye. Jasen

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