how to charge a 12V battery?

Hi All,

You can see I am a noob. I would like to know how to charge batteries?

For example, if I have a 1.5v AA battery, what circuit can I use to charge it? Resistors? Caps?

what about 12V batt?

Thanks, Brian

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A lot more complex than it sounds. What _sort_ of 'AA battery'. The charging requirements vary for every different chemistry. The hard part, is working out when the battery is fully charged. Overcharging can kill a battery quite quickly. On simple NiCd batteries though, 'trickle charging' is not too terrible (charging at less than 1/10th the rated Ah figure). The normal circuits are several orders of magnitude more complex than you are visualising, having a system that measures the endpoint voltage of the battery, and often the temperature, and looking for the slight peak, then fall in voltage that occurs when the battery is fully charged, or the sharp increase in temperature at this point (or a combination of both). The '12v battery', will probably be a Lead-Acid battery, and these are simpler to charge 'reasonably well', with a source that is both voltage regulated, and current limited. There are several such circuits on the web. Google for 'Lead acid battery charger circuit', to find lots.

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But different requirements for conventional lead-acid, vent-relieved and gel electrolyte types.

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Absolutely. The number of 'gel' cells, that I have seen killed by using a charger for normal lead acid batteries, is 'legion'...

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