HDS-200 / Motorola 6800 Development tool

Is there any interest out there in this (antique) development tool? I've got one (it takes up a lot of space!) that I would like to part with.

Thanks, TomC

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OMG, like this is still out there.

I would tell you to give it to a Community College somewhere, but they would just trash it as well as you can.

good luck

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I once met a guy who would accept surplus stuff and melt it down to salvage the gold.

Good Luck! Rich

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Rich Grise

Tom, there is someone over in comp.arch.embedded who might be interested. He's currently developing for a 680x processor on a pinball machine from the mid-1980's if I gathered it correctly.

Might ask. The message ID is:


or Tim Marsh posting as TXMarsh and the subject line is "WTB: EPROM Emulator for 2716".

I'll point him your direction, as well, just in case.


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Jon Kirwan


Thank you for your concern and direction.

To the rest of you, - NO COMMENT -


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