Have graphs, but need to pick material with lowest Remanence

I have put three graphs of "Reverse Permeability as Function of Magnetic Field Strength" in this link, >

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I don't know what I'm looking at to pick the material with the lowest Remanence,( B_r,) (residual magnetism).

Maybe this doesn't apply, other companies just have a number, Example: B_r + 250mT

Thanks, for your help, Mikek

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4C65 I could be wrong.


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Martin Riddle

I appreciate you chipping in, but I can see the graph for 4c65 starts lower, for whatever the units are on the Y axis. But I find these graphs hard to relate back to the numbers, 250 to 400, I see for other materials. I'm referring to the 2000" Ferroxcube soft ferrites data handbook, it lists 52 materials and as best I can see, only 5 of those have the B_r data shown. I give Fair Rite credit for having a pretty good showing of there material data. It takes a bit of use to understand, such as, the material number is not listed, they expect you to decipher the part number to know the material type. That's easy, once you know to do that. And then click on the dropdowns, a lot of info in the dropdowns. Ferroxcubes databook, 846 pages, and still not enough.


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