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Anyone know of a good handbook describing the machine code of Intel's

386's? A page describing each instruction along with some text about the various sequences caused by interupts and descriptions of the various tables and "descriptors" and special purpose registers and the effects of "protected mode" is the hope. An older text that didn't describe the 64 bit versions would be ok, maybe preferable. Hummel's book I've seen, but it's more of a lengthy volume than a handbook. Any others that aren't so windy?


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There was as 64 bit 386?

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Books, no idea, check "i386 user manual", datasheet, something like that?


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Tim Williams

Lots of stuff on ix86 machine code, adn then you need Intels i386 hardware manual.

Nice stuff here...


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Martin Riddle

Forgot to mention Annabooks, THere is a pdf on developing with Intels Boot loader.


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Martin Riddle

Go to Ebay, put in the search bar these item numbers for Intel manuals.

123882062603 386 Prog Ref Manual

123882044651 386 System Software Writers Guide

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