Effect of sound and vibration on data for terabyte hardisks (movie)

Effect of sound and vibration on data for terabyte hardisks

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Jan Panteltje
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Since i am on dial-up, any comment i make on that would be on the blind. However, the title leads to a suspect conclusion that someone may be a liar. Even a heavy truck going by down the street would have no effect. Look at the G, shock and vibration ratings.

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Robert Baer

The video shows someone yelling with their mouth a couple inches from the drive (yelling can generate a sound level of 120dB SPL inches from the mouth). Diagnostics running show that the section of drives yelled at missed accessing data. Looks like a pretty strong correlation to me.

There's a thread with this very video on rec.audio.pro where they are discussing just this sort of problem with recording loud performances on recorders that use hard disks.

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Ben Bradley


A guy runs dianostics and shouts into a busy JBOD array and latency peaks, when he shouts. Repeatedly. Aside I got first degree burns lifting busy hard drives off the carpet today.

I then put spacers under them and got some fans. (5 and 6W 6" fans)

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Jasen Betts

I am not surprised. Interesting video.

I worked on a radio site that had a problem with intermittent high bit error rate on a microwave link. It turned out the installers had mounted the waveguide transmission line pressurization pump in an adjacent rack. Despite rubber shock mounts on the air compressor, there was enough vibration to induce a microphonic disturbance in the voltage controlled oscillators in the microwave radio which were also shock mounted. Many of these type radios are mounted in elevator motor equipment rooms as well, leading to concern of similar problems.

Joe Leikhim K4SAT
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Some radio stations had to pour concrete pads to put turntables on to keep traffic nose from modulation the turntable output. Some were three feet square, and the height of the console, on top of an inch of rubber matting. That is one reason a lot of older stations were built way off a busy road, or on a private gravel road.


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Michael A. Terrell

Interesting anecdote. It illuminates much about you.

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