DS2450 conversion read-out

Who know DS2450? I don't understand the A/D conversion values loaded in the read-out memory page. In 8-bit mode (channel A) the byte loaded is at address 01 (MSB)...(00(LSB) always H'00')why not 00 (LSB)? At 9-bit resolution I get value loaded in 00-01 (16bit) addresses but over 9bit of resolution i.e H'7E90'. Grounded the A/D pin get non zero values after conversion. Any help?


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That's one complicated A/D. So much so the 24-page datasheet barely discusses the A-D itself, it's error specs, conversion speed, etc.

    - Win
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Winfield Hill

What is there to know- the internal control always left justifies the conversion result in the two bytes of the memory page assigned to the particular input channel- be this 2 or 16 bit conversion- and the unused bits are zero filled. The main complication seems to be the CRC which includes command+address+data at the end of first page readout and only data for successive pages - if you request that type of readout.

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Fred Bloggs

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