Driving the load with function generator


I am using the following hand held function as an input source to an ADC.

Function generator link is as follows

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The ADC link is as follows

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  1. Can I drive the input of the ADC ( given in data sheet : input resistance 15 Kohm, I do not know whether I predict is right or wrong) with the function generator who has the output impedance of 200 ohms. I know the thumb rule that the driving circuit should be atleast 10 times smaller than the circuit who needs to be driven.

  1. What if I have to drive 8 of these ADCs with the same single output function generator. Do I need some cicuit in between. like voltage regulator or something.

The output is 1mV peak to peak and frequency is 10Hz.


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Jessica Shaw
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It's fine, but 200 ohms is high. You'll have about a 1% amplitude error.

Voltage regulator is the wrong part, maybe you meant voltage buffer.

8 of these ADC in parallel brings the impedance down to 1875 ohms, and now you'll have a 10% amplitude error. Of course you're adding up all the parasitic inductances and capacitances...

... but at 10Hz, it won't matter.

Why 1mV? The chip will be happy with 500mV, unless you want to test the ADC for something.

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