Driving a DS1393 from a PIC or AVR


Has anyone tried talking to a DS1393 or similar 3-wire RTC from either a PIC or AVR (or similar) - these RTCs are not SPI - they have a bi-directional I/O pin.



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Mike Deblis
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Isn't it really just I2C protocol with a chip select as the "third" wire?

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Anthony Fremont

I'd be very 'wary' about chosing this chip, since it is no longer listed by Dallas/Maxim, with the data sheet 'links', going to a blank page...

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Roger Hamlett


Hmm.... I just went to

formatting link
and typed in ds1393 in the part number search field, clicked the "PART NO. SEARCH" button and came up with this page:
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The datasheet link worked fine for me as well. It's one datasheet for the DS1390, DS1391, DS1392, and DS1393. Where did you look?

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Anthony Fremont

I'm using a DS1302 for a project which also has only 3 wires. It's really simple and just like SPI, except that it's half duplex.

You can easily bit bang it. Switch the data in/output to output, make /CS low, output 8 databits+clocks, then change the in/output to input, and issue the neccessary clocks and sample the input. 20-25 lines of C code.

something like:

(assuming AVR, port B... 0=cs 1=dat 2=clk)

#define CS 1 #define DAT 2 #define CLK 4 . .. . DDRB|=DAT; // switch the data line to output PORTB&=~CS; // select the chip for (i=0;i

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