DDR3 SODIMM socket?

I need one of these:

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It's a low-profile smd type DDR3 SODIMM socket for laptop use with those little metal spring-release tabs.

I need one with 4 mm total height. All the ones I can find are 5-plus mm. I've seen 4 mm parts in manufacturer datasheets but can't find any US distributors.

And it needs to be standard orientation flavor (key right-of-center, relative to user's view when inserting the SODIMM).

That last point is glossed-over pretty easily by even product drawings: as far as I can determine these come in both orientations: the two types are identical except that the polarity key is right- or left-of center. I think the "standard" model is right-of-center key.

Mouser has only vertical orientation sockets (a la desktop motherboard). Digi-Key has the correct type but wrong key location (reverse style).



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This might work:

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Digikey does not stock but they say minimum order is 1. Standard package is 16 so you might have to buy 16. I have ordered different non-stock connectors from Digikey with no problems. Wanted 10 for a special project. Got it in 3 weeks.

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Joe Chisolm

That does look good.

It's now obsoleted by Molex but Digi-Key crossed it to this TE part:

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and it will work for me.

Thanks for the pointer.

Have a great weekend.

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