85-265VAC and 24VDC combined power supply

You particularly want French products? Try SSAC, owned (like a lot of such companies) by the mighty ABB.

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I decided to go with this approach. Unfortunately if used as a backup supply the 24V input will have a slightly higher voltage assuming fully charged batteries (Maybe 25V-26V). If I would simply use two schottky diodes the power would be drawn from the backup source. I just thought about using the MID400 device from fairchild (AC Line Monitor -

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to switch off a MOSFET on the 24V rail if the primary power is available. The switch from 110V/230V to 24V should not be a problem because the SMPS will still have enough stored energy to supply the secondary DC/DC converters. I have not yet an idea on how to switch back because I don't want to be dependent on the power up time of the SMPS.

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