7 segment driver

Is there a 7-segment LED driver IC that will do 0-F, preferably with a latch? Every chip I find is BCD and only does 0-9.


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Maxim, maybe. I've gone over to the STP16cp05 serial constant current led driver, quite nice, easy to drive once you get the look up table written


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Martin Griffith

I almost hate to say it, but it would be cheaper to use a PIC these days. $2 or less, after the (small) software NRE of course. Much better long term availability too.


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David L. Jones

And you could talk to them via i2c to boot. Looks like the route I'm going to end up taking, thanks!

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These puppies are twenty bucks apiece:

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One place I worked at used these when they were only about ten bucks, and uPs still cost more than that. :-)

Cheers! Rich

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Rich Grise

By the late '80s I'd already switched to 32x8 PROMs for such purposes (they were still cheaper than PALs, plus early on I didn't have any real programmers and used DIP switches to program the PROMs!)... I think I still have a couple of those boards around...

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Joel Koltner

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