Wanted: Sharp R23FT commercial microwave control unit (circuit board) and keypad (used parts considered)

Looking for parts for a Sharp commercial microwave R23FT.
Need DPWBFB062WRU0 or MODPWBFB062WRU0 control unit (circuit board).
Need FPNLCA986WRK0 control panel frame with keypad (used considered)
or just the keypad if new / NOS.
These parts may be respectively mislabeled as DPWBFB062WRUo
Will also consider an entire used oven R23FT depending on location and
William E. Miller
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William Miller
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WANTED: used/defective Sharp microwave control panels (R15## & R140# models preferred)
While I will consider MOST ANY Sharp model, I am most interested in these part & model numbers:
- CPWBFB069MRU0 models R1405 & R1406
- CPWBFB075MRU0 models R1500 R1501 R1502 R1502LK R1505 R1505F R1505LK R1506
- CPWBFB076MRU0 (was CPWBFB064MRU0) models Sharp R1510F R1511 R1511F R1512 R1512F R1514 R1514F R1514H R1520 R1520LK R1520LQ R1520LW
Prefer entire control panel assembly with control panel frame, keypad and control unit (circuit board) but will consider just the control unit (circuit board with display).
Used and even non-working is FINE, but PLEASE let me know if (and how) if it is physically broken or damaged.
William E. Miller snipped-for-privacy@usa.net
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William Miller
I will also consider (and consider uninstalling from the wall) entire ovens of these models, regardless of functionality.
William E. Miller snipped-for-privacy@usa.net (prototech AT usa DOT net) OR 765_378_4640
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William Miller
I've got one you can have, I need to check the #, but if I need to deassemble and or pack it for shipping, I'd want something for that. It stopped cooking, was over 5 years old so I just replaced it.
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Eric in North TX
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wonder what the OP is using them for??
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re: wonder what the OP is using them for??
And I wonder why Eric still has a unit that stop cooking.
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5F R1505LK
11 R1511F
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Inertia. I threw it on the recycle pile and haven't gotten around to recycling.
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Eric in North TX
I have a Sharp carousel model R-1502. Control panel does not work for a while and some electronics went bad yesterday. You can have it but I need to unmounts it and can't locate the instructions manual. I am located in CT in postal zip code 06070.
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Sharp Guy
"posted on February 20, 2008, 12:18 am"
I doubt, after 8 years, that Eric is still waiting to fix it.
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Hi, I need the control panel if you think it works. My buttons fell off.
for full context, visit https://www.homeownershub.com/maintenance/re-wanted-used-defective-sharp-microwave-control-panels-r-890473-.htm
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Ken Hill

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