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I could do this design from scratch, but would like to keep the parts count and complexity down. I'm looking for a chip to build a voltage regulator around. It's for an old six-volt vehicle. The battery in this vehicle undergoes wide changes in temperature, and I want the regulator's setpoint to vary with temperature to compensate. So I'd like a chip that either A) has an internal voltage reference with a negative temperature coefficient that corresponds to the temperature profile for lead-acid battery charging, or B) has pinouts for both error amp inputs, in which case I would build a distinct voltage reference with appropriate tempco.

This is a negative ground vehicle, and the generator field switches on the low side. On this vehicle turning the key off doesn't cut power to the voltage regulator. The vehicle has no starter motor, radio or heater blower to run - just the igntion, headlamp and taillight, so it uses a very small battery. Therefore a chip that has a low quiescent current draw in order not to run down the battery when parked would be ideal. I don't want something that pulls 5 or 10 milliamps from the battery all the time. 100uA or less would be nice. Of course there will by necessity be a rectifier at the generator output, so there is also the possibility of taking power for the chip from the anode end of the rectifier, if it would work. I spent some time on digikey's parametric search and my eyes glazed over after a while. Maybe somebody here can suggest something.

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Those wide swings in temp are the problem, put the battery in a cool spot, away from the hot engine, an compensate for the greater distance with heavier wiring. That will double/triple the live of it, and also improve the charge behaviour. A hot battery has a short live and rotten charge characteristics.

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