RV backup camera and 7 inch lcd screen

RV backup camera and 7 inch lcd screen

I am looking for a source for a rv backup camera, and lcd screen. plus the various connectors and such. any ideas. thanks

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I think Harbor Freight had the whole package on sale recently. All the cables are supplied, and all you need is a ground connection, and +12 VDC.

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Michael A. Terrell

I built one of these for a Dodge 15-passenger van we used to have. I bought a "beach TV" on eBay for about $50, it ran on 6 V of D cells. I put a 6 V regulator in the battery compartment, bored a hole in the case and put a cable to the cigarette lighter power outlet. I got a board camera from M. P. Jones in Florida for $49, I think, and made a little box that mounted by swivel bolts on arms above the rear window. I put the camera lens looking sideways, and put a first-surface mirror at

45 degrees in the box, so the camera saw a reversed view out the back. This way, the image on the TV screen looked just like a rear-view mirror would look. The beach TV had a video input jack, and I ran a cable from the camera to the TV. The particular camera ran on 12 V, I probably could have run it direct from the vehicle's electrical system, but I put an ultra-low dropout 12 V regulator on it to be sure. I didn't want to fry a $49 camera if 14 V was too much for it. Mine had about a 3.5" screen, it was awfully small. But, 7" was way too expensive for such a speculative project.


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