RS-232 Rf module

hi, I am working on an FPGA project. It is a CDMA-based point-to-point communication system; two FPGAs each works as a transceiver. The final stage of the project is to send the data via the serial port (RS-232) to an RF module. Can any one support me a low-cost, serial (RS-232) Rf module capable of managing data rates up to 1.25 Mb/s and working reliably within buildings giving a suitable range ( >10 meters).

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I think you may have a difficult problem-space there.

Serial RF modules operating in the lower-frequency (400 and 800-900 MHz) ISM bands seem to be limited to data rates of up to around 56 kbits/second.

The closest I've seen to what you're looking for is the XBee-PRO RS-232 Zigbee modem, which operates in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. It's stated to support data rates of up to 250 kbits/second. Ranges are given as up to 300' indoors, and up to 4000' outdoors with a clear line of sight (and, I suspect, a gain antenna) and/or a really clear RF etherspace.

For data rates much higher than this, I suspect you may have to move away from an RS-232 solution and move to something with a different interface. Maybe an 802.11b transceiver - either USB or Cardbus - and enough software to configure it into ad-hoc mode.

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Dave Platt

I don't think that means what you think it means. RS-232 doesn't even have a "1.25 megabit" speed (115.2K is the more standard top-end, though I've seen 230.4K), and if it did, the distance limitation would be something like (lessee...) 4.6 inches without differential line driers, and then it's not RS-232 any more...

[Yeah, Google finds devices that'll talk any arbitrary power of two over 300 baud, but what's your application? You sure your {professor, boss} didn't send you off in search of the Wire Stretcher(SM)? Or is 1.25 megabits the chip rate of the CDMA spread spectrum radios?]

How about WiFi gear? Even the low-end stuff is good for 11 megabits and it'll meet your distance spec as well.

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