Replacement power supplies

I deal with a line of digital devices, mostly as a dealer of used items. Occasionally, I need to replace a dead power supply. All of these devices need to work on power in the US, Europe, Australia, Japan, etc. so accept 90-240V.

The devices seem to use two kinds of power supply.

Power Supply Type 1: Form factor of about 12.7 X 7 cm.

6 pin output designated: +5 +5 Gnd Gnd



Power Supply Type 2: Similar form factor but 10 pin output designated: SW VP

3.3 3.3 5.0 5.0 Gnd Gnd




Are these some kind of standard? Could I find a cheap generic power supply to use for replacements?

The company that makes the devices charges $150 for a replacement power supply, so that is not feasible. I managed to find one of the power supplies of Type 1 on the Internet. It's the YPS-92A by Young Year electronics. In small quantities, they want $35 each for the supplies. Is that a good price?

I haven't been able to find the power supply type 2 on the Internet.

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Hamad bin Turki al Salami
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This sounds typical for the old ASTEC SA40-1313

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Which seems to now be superseded by the LPT40 series

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and which will also be similar to the Artesyn NFS40 series
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Type 2 doesn't ring a bell with me. It might be a custom design.

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