Recomendations for single rail op-amp with fast slew rate?

Hello, I'll keep this one short. :) I like the CA3140 but can't find a working spice model for single rail voltage follower operation so it won't let me model some of the weird things I found that chip useful for. It's still made, and I'll ask Intersil if they can give me a model, but it might be time to look for something widely used, multi-sourced, capable of the same things a CA3140 can do. I don't mind if has no strobe though.

Any specific IC's I should look at? (Googling CA3140 substitutes is like asking monkeys instead of experts, so I have to ask here too, because Google is like a lucky dip with lousy prizes, at times. I find comparisons with obsolete IC's, or with the 741 (!) or with abysmal slew rates...) So I need to ask people who have a clue about this. :)

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How about their CA3240?

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Michael A. Terrell

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Actually that's the one I want replacing. :) (And the lack of spice models to model what I want modelling still applies..)

So far I settled for Linear Technology's LT1215. Not BiMOS, I think, but input resistance still usefully high, and it's not multisourced, and it's three times the cost of a CA3140, but it looks like being better than I thought I'd get for the things I want to use it for, so I might settle there. But if anyone has other suggestions, taking into account this post, go for it.

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