Question about Modelling the ESR of a Capacitor

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you can find some basics about the 'ESR' of a Capacitor.

A formula is shown describing the 'ESR' as: Rp/((2*Pi*f*Cp*Rp)^2+1) and the 'ESC' is : Cp+1/((2*Pi*f*Rp)^2*Cp)

I guess, that the basic model looks like this:

|| __________ __________

--------o----------||--------o-----|__________|-------|==========|---- | || Cp | Rs Ls | ___________ | |---|___________|----| Rp

My first Questions:

Is the formula for the ESR correct?? Paralleling Cp and Rp should result into an impedance of: Rp/sqrt(1+(2*Pi*f*R*C)^2)

Or NOT????

My second Question:

I don't have a glue how the 'ESC' has to be calculated at all. What is the idea behind that?

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