Please Help me urgently

Hello, I can not handle a problem which is about AGC. Please help me about that. The conditions are; It is required to design and implement an AGC circuit with the following specifcations:

1=2E Amplitude of the input voltage may vary between 10 mVpp and 50 mVpp.

2=2E Amplitude of the output voltage should be in the range 0.9 Vpp and1.1 V pp for the input signals with amplitudes stated above.

3=2E Output impedance of the ampli=AFer should be smaller than 2 k=AD.

4=2E The circuit should be able to amplify the signals having frequencies

between 500 Hz and 10000 Hz.

The amplifer designed should be a single transistor amplifer in the common-emitter form for BJT amplifers or common-source form for the FET amplifers. However, it can be used extra transistors for making the

amplifer an adjustable gain amplifer.

And the AGC should be composed of 2 parts adjustable gain part and feedback part.

Please help me urgently to design this problem. Thanks...

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