Need help with stepper motor & safe idea

I need a DC stepper to make the lock for a small timer safe. Think of a flat piece of steel about 2" x 1/2" . I drill a hole in one end and slip it onto the shaft of the stepper then attach it there. Then mount this on the door to rotate into and out of a slot on the jamb -- just a very simple kind of latch that will toggle open or closed w/o power having to be continuously applied.

How does one normally attach something to the shaft of a stepper -- can I just weld it? What diameter shaft makes sense? Where can I get a stout battery-operated stepper (i.e. can you help me filter the Google hits?)

What would work better than this dumb idea? (Note: the safe uses an INTERNAL timer and battery. It must be able to latch or unlatch and STAY that way w/o power being applied until somebody opens the door.)



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Sammy Taylor
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What happens if the battery goes flat?

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Homer J Simpson

My safes have a gearmotor that pulls a latch open, clossing the safe re-engages the latch.

All of my electronic safes have a battery inside the safe _and_ a battery outside the safe, so if they both go dead you can replace the outside one and still operate it.

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William P.N. Smith

Stepper motor? I'd use a dual-action solenoid (like those used in car door locks).


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