looking for "Detent" electrical connectors/contacts

I have been looking all over for a some type of connector/contact that I can use to connect power between to separate cases that slide together. The cases are made of plastic, and I was thinking some type of contact that looks like a rivet or screw head (Slightly convex head). The contact on the other side would be slightly concave. So the contacts would sort of snap together when they are moved into position across from each other. This would also prevent the to cases from sliding apart, until enough pressure is exerted. I know that Milmax and others make a spring version of something similar to this, but I would prefer to use the slight flexibility of the plastic case to provide the spring action, not to mention keeping the design simpler. It would be great if these were simple "push-through" barbed contacts. Does anyone know of a supplier for something like this?

Tom Kuhn

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