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I've got a Li_Ion battery recovered from a iPod docking station. It has three wires coming out of it amd there is a connector with three pins at the end.

Why three wires?

I bought some batteries similar to this, except I need to put my own wires and connector. Which wire can I eliminate from the connector?


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A. Deguza
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If its like all other Li batteries, the three wires are +, - and a wire that goes to an internal temp sensor to make sure the battery is not over heating. As I understand it, its a thermistor hooked up between that contact and -. If the temp goes too high it shuts down the charging.

It happened on my droid when I had it in my car window in a window mount in the sun and charging. Charging stopped and instead of an orange charge light I got an orange blinking light telling me the battery was overheating.

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Also wanted to add, overcharging a Li battery is really bad so don't eliminate the protection.

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