My GF owns a Sony Network Walkman NW-E50 (MP3 player). I assumed that all Sony products must use Sony's music software. But I was wrong as the MP3 player contains a built-in File Manager. That means she could plug it into any PC (Internet Cafe, etc.) and transfer songs to and from the device without installing Sony software.

I accidently wiped this. Now am wondering where can I get this File Manager back onto the MP3 player before my GF finds out!

I tried a google search

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but a lot of the websites are in asian language and I can't read asian language. Please can someone help me find this File Manager for my GF Sony Network Walkman NW-E50.

Many thanks!

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Do you mean this software?

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Found on google with "File Manager Sony Network Walkman NW-E50"

4th link. If you look for a file manager, it helps to include these words in the search string....


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