Bluetooth Modules For Sale Starting at $1.99 Each!

I have 10 lots of 50 pieces per lot of these Ericsson Microelectronics "ROK

101 008" Bluetooth Multi-Chip-Modules (MCM) for sale. That would be a total of 500 pieces for sale. These will only be sold on lots of 50 pieces each.

All of them are new and have never been used. I acquired these from an OEM that had overstock. The OEM that originally bought these paid over $26.00 each for these in quantities of 100k! I'll sell them for a tiny fraction of that! Inside each module are 3 IC's. One is the Ericsson "ROK 101 002/1" Bluetooth I/O chip, one is an Ericsson VP22238 = (Philips Semiconductors PCF26002) Arm microprocessor based Bluetooth baseband controller and the third chip is an Intel GE28F008B3TA90 8M (1MX8) 3V, boot block, uBGA, industrial temperature flashram.

I also have a customer that bought some of these same modules. He made and sells a development board for them right here:

Stelios Cellar Bluetooth Development Board

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The Bluetooth modules from Ericsson Microelectronics are a complete solution for fast implementation, cutting time-to-market. They are short-range, compact and low-cost radio/baseband modules that can be implemented in any kind of electronic device. As the modules are generic products, they can be used for many types of applications that require a Bluetooth capability. The modules supports both voice and data transmission. ROK 101 008 Bluetooth MCM, is a Blue Unit, which has to be used in the qualification of other Bluetooth products. It functions as a Blue unit for v 1.0b + critical erratas and the latest v 1.1 qualification.

These are a great current component that many manufacturers and distributors are widely seeking! There are a huge number of links on the internet regarding these. Bidding on them starts at only $1.99 each on Ebay at:

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Where's the antenna, on or off the PCB?

    - Win
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Winfield Hill

I was vaguely interested, so I looked up some information. What I got was the following:

The antenna is not part of the unit. There is a chip antenna that is specifically designed for Bluetooth that is manufactured by Lattron CO LTD in Korea, for example, that works with it.

The modules, "ROK 101 008," have been around for a while and are point-to-point only (I think.) The somewhat newer "ROK 101 007" are point to multipoint. I also wonder if these -008 modules can be used with any other modules or if they will only work with each other. Perhaps this doesn't matter that much if one is thinking of buying them in 50-lots.

Range is spec'd at 10 meters, though you probably can get a little more out of them.


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