Anyone familiar with tiny CRT tube?

I ripped one out of a non working video camera and from what I can tell, it only needs 3 lines to display video.

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The white connector visible goes to the camera. From left to right, pin 1 goes to K of LED and no where else so it's probably only used for record activity. Next pin, the trace goes only to an IC on the other side of the board. The last 2 are GND and Vcc respectively.

Few diodes, few caps, few resistors, and a transistor, nothing else on the bottom. The transistor is probably the HOT

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top side of the board. The IC seems to be used for synch separator and video to drive the CRT. 4 wires from the bottom of the picture goes to 2 sets of yokes. 4 wires from other connector goes to the end of CRT, probably for filament (2), cathode, and grid. The thic wire goes from the front of the CRT to a little silver box, a transformer likely.

IC is marked BA7149F / 023 121

formatting link

shows the whole CRT.

SO any idea what voltage is Vcc? 5v? The datasheet I found for BA7149F doesn't specify power supply voltage but it looks to be 5v, probably max 5.5v.

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