2.0-mm-pitch connectors

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S5751-40-ND : 2mm single straight 40 position receptacle S5800-40-ND : 2mm single straight 40-poistion header

They also have right-angle, dual row, etc.


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can duck!) I'd like to ask:

headers instead of the more common 2.54-mm?

properly sized.


Have you checked Digikey?

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Put 2mm IDC or some such in the search box.

They stock a lot of connectors, but you will pay through the nose for small quantities.

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Specifically, I've been using the Hirose DF11 series of board-to-wire connectors lately, and I like them. I've also been having Digi-Key crimp the contacts onto the wires for me, since I only have a few standard lengths of wire that I need. It isn't cheap, but it sure saves me a lot of hassle.

-- Dave Tweed

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David Tweed

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