XBOX melt Down

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Just seen on the Sunrise show, that the Xbox 360 has a 40% failure Rate!!

They are all failing and the Red Error Light is flashing all over Australia!

They did not know what the problem is, but I wondered if anyone here has any
knowledge of the fault,
Power supply, HDD crash..??

It appears Microsoft are now admitting they have a Problem, and are fixing
them for free,
They are even offering to refund previous repairs.


Re: XBOX melt Down

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A similar thing happened with the original X-Box, they had to supply
everyone with an external safety switch type device just in case a
power supply fault did literally melt down the unit.


Re: XBOX melt Down

I think there was some story in the Australian press that Microsoft was
accepting that there was a problem but hadn't yet found it.

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Re: XBOX melt Down

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There is a raging thread over on about the
problem being due to Lead-Free solder failure due to thermal


Re: XBOX melt Down and RoHS

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thermal stressing:
it was an accident waiting to happen.

this is a message I got from a large EU PCB manufacturer a while back:


if you ask me ROHS is nothing but trouble ;) we completely moved to ROHS
in February this year, but had great pressure from Texas Instruments and
ST Microelectronics since September last year and the major problem was
to move out  all components with lead plating on their legs away from
our stock, it took  about 6 month to completely use all old components
and fill our stock with only  lead free components.

now we produce our boards with immersion gold finish which increase the
cost of bare boards by 20% and the lead free soldering alloy and
consumables are at twice higher prices than normal SnPb, all this I
could  accept, but the final result is about 20% less reliable boards,
the Pb is the  soft component of SnPb alloy, the new Pb-free alloys miss
this "soft" component and are less reliable to vibrations and
temperature changes, as Pb-free soldering joints tend to crack sooner
than SnPb joints when exposed to cold-hot termal shocks, this is why
Pb-free boards are not allowed in medical, military, automotive
applications where reliability is must.

Don McKenzie

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Re: XBOX melt Down and RoHS

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It would be interesting to see some figures on lead in landfill
compared to other toxins created by the lead free process ending up in
the ground added with all the extra waste in the landfill by the
increased failures.

Re: XBOX melt Down

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3 year warranty???

Microsoft facing $1bn Xbox bill
Microsoft has said that it is facing a bill of more than $1bn to cover the cost
offering extended warranties, after failings with its Xbox 360.
The company admitted it had been forced to make "an unacceptable number of
repairs" to the
consoles after key hardware failed.

Customers who suffer the problems will now be given a free three-year warranty,
company said.

The failures are indicated by three red flashing lights on the console.

Microsoft, has not revealed how many of its machines have suffered the problem,
but said
the number was "bigger than we are comfortable with."

It added that the move - which will also see some people reimbursed for postage
repairs on consoles which were out of warranty - was aimed at keeping the
loyalty of its

"The majority of Xbox 360 owners are having a great experience with their
console and have
from day one," said Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's Entertainment &

"But this problem has caused frustration for some of our customers and for that,
sincerely apologise."

It added its Xbox division was still expected to make a profit during the
financial year
beginning 1 July 2007.

Migration manoeuvre

Separately the company has announced an October launch of its advanced version
of the
Xbox - the Xbox 360 Elite - in Japan, where it lags behind Nintendo and Sony in
console market.

And the company has also unveiled plans to open a software development centre in
which it said was a way of hiring talented people from abroad who would struggle
to obtain
a US working visa.

The Vancouver location would "allow the company to continue to recruit and
retain highly
skilled people affected by the immigration issues in the US", Microsoft said.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2007/07/05 21:11:57 GMT



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