WTB: Paper Tape Reader

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I'm after a paper tape reader. Something similar to the OP-80A, but anything
considered, working or not. Please reply via email.


Re: WTB: Paper Tape Reader

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   I have a funky one that i had to make a number of fixes.
   There are two speeds that give reliable reads: one a slow step stop
step, and the other fastasallheck which will literally eat the paper
tape if not handled properly "on the fly".
   I have a manual obtained from the web which covers a similar unit,
which was helpful for the fixes.
   The stepper motor which moves the paper tape initially was rusted /
frozen, but it seems that i was able to get it to work WD-40 plus time
then running with more soaking.
   But it is too heavy to send that far; you might be better served
making one yourself.

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