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(Melchizedek Communique, MC120610) Material made public Sunday by Wikileaks "sheds light on the increasingly incendiary state of world relations, under conditions of deepening world economic crisis." Red China is our banker. They own us. "How do you deal toughly with your banker?" sighed Hillary Clinton, in one of the newly released cables. [1]

A "Chinese Monroe Doctrine" -- Asia for the Asians, Yankee go home -- is feared. [1]

The Middle East is likely to be "the detonator," says Patrick Martin at the World Socialist Web Site (WSWS). [1] This is phase three of The Albert Pike Plan, explained in this editor's latest book, Melchizedek Communique (published by Phase one was the first world war; phase two was the second world war.

And, as foreseen in this editor's latest book, the fancy Prince Charles will be bypassed as the next king of England. The Globe, a weekly tabloid newspaper, now confirms Prince William will be the next British king. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, reportedly took the news hard. She is married to "Chucky" and will not be the next Queen of England. According to Globe, Queen Elizabeth II will abdicate in favor of Prince William "after she celebrates her 60th year on the throne in

2012..." [2]

Because the "authorized" newspapers clear in advance the sinister Wikileaks leakings with the US State Department and the British Foreign Office to minimize damage, their reports fail to provide an adequate picture of the sheer skullduggery. But WSWS dares to read the documents directly from the Wikileaks site. (It is not known if it is illegal to do so. After all, the Wikileaks documents are "contraband." Amateur sleuths: beware of a "sting.") For example, French President Sarkozy "acted as a shill for the giant uranium monopoly AREVA." [1]

The uranium powers in turn are allegedly complicit in the feminizing uranium plot. Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura notices how feminizing uranium, fluoride and even the mood pacifying lithium is being placed in our water supplies. "Feminizing uranium as it is referred to, is an element which can cause cell mutation and cancer in the human body. Its introduction into the water supply is linked to a significant reduction in male births and is thought (among many conspiracy theory followers) to be part of a population reduction scheme." [3]

Julian Assange, central figure of the Wikileaks organization and "comic book villain", is giving headaches to the central government in Washington, DC. In this day and age, it is supposed that privately many Americans must be thinking, "Hooray for Assange! Hooray for Wikileaks!" But such private thoughts could be dangerous to share. Charged with "rape," the U.S. blanketing news clamor fails to detail the "rape" was that Assange's condom broke. The truth of Assange, the spy still out in the cold, is drowned in lies. And in two unnoticed essays ("State and Terrorist Conspiracies", and "Conspiracy as Governance"), Assange offers his own conspiracy theory: Conspiracies are "cognitive devices" similar to a computer network: They receive information from the world (inputs), which pass through a web-like network of conspirators and then produce outputs -- actions intending to change or maintain the environment. "Assange admits that conspiracies could be destroyed through assassinations, but this would only work if all conspirators were assassinated. If, on the other hand, we only assassinate a high-value target -- one with many links to other conspirators -- we might split the conspiracy, but the web- like network would still exist and the conspiracy would continue, much as before." [4]

The leaks, in themselves, are not so important as that they reveal the porousness of the governmental conspiratorial network. The network defensively reacts by clamping down on itself, thereby reducing the porousness. But the governmental conspiratorial network thus shuts itself down, which is exactly what is desired in the first place! But the "conspiratorial network" of Wikileaks is not top-down, as is the governmental "conspiratorial network." This method of autonomous nodes ensures that Wikileaks cannot be defeated. [4]

Is Wikileaks a neo-Baudelairean artificial paradise? The nomad state having Julian Assange as its logo is paired with Marshall McLuhan doing the twist in his media tomb. Technological changes embolden the nomad state of Wikileaks to become an anti-virus to the governmental "conspiratorial network." If the media are the message, then Wikileaks is a counter-symbol to the government's own dominant message. [5]

"Here intervenes another crucial element. The ability of the conspiracy to deceive everyone through massive propaganda is equivalent to the conspiracy's penchant for deceiving itself through its own propaganda." [5]

It is not the leaks themselves which matter, it is the leaking. "The - very ambitious - mother idea is to undermine the system of information and thus 'force the computer to crash', making the conspiracy turn against itself in self-defense." [5]

------- Notes ------- [1] "WikiLeaks continues exposure of predatory US foreign policy", by Patrick Martin., Dec. 6, 2010 [2] "William Wins the Throne!", Globe, Dec. 6, 2010 [3] "Jesse Ventura uncovers feminizing uranium plot", Dec. 4, 2010

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[4] "WikiLeaks turns the 'conspiracy' against itself", by Peter McKnight, Vancouver Sun December 4, 2010 [5] "Cracks in the wilderness of mirrors", by Pepe Escobar.
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