TEAC VCR Question Model MV-6080G

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I have an aging Teac VCR which either doesn't have a battery, or its
battery is U/S. Whenever the power goes off, we have to reset the
channels, time, etc..

I opened it up to see if I could find and replace the battery. But
nothing that was visible to me looked anything like what a battery might
look like.

Can someone help me out here?

I did a search on the web for "teac" +MV-6080G. I found one hit. It's an
article from an online magazine called Silicon Chip from 2002 about a
technician's stories about his experiences with various consumer
electronic goods. But the problem was not related to what I need to
know. And I couldn't find any link on the site that I could ask them a


Re: TEAC VCR Question Model MV-6080G

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I don't think these VCR's ever did anything _except_ lose the time,
programming etc if the power goes down, or just briefly blips. They
usually keep the channel tuning.


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