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Greeting group.
I have used a Silicon Chip SMS controller with an alarm system
controlled by a time switch.

I programmed the system to send "ALARMON" when the alarm is turned on
at 9pm,
and "ALARMOFF" when the system turns off at 7am, this was done to test
the system for a couple of days only.

When the alarm is triggered, "ALARM" would be sent.

A couple of days after installing the system, I sent "DISALARMON" and
prevent the messages being sent.

After doing this, "ALARM" was no longer being sent when the alarm
system was triggered.

I found that I could again cause "ALARM" to be sent after I sent

Sending "DISALARMON" again caused the system to stop sending "ALARM".

I have now rewired the controller to stop "ALARMON" and "ALARMOFF"
being sent.
Can anyone offer a possible cause for this.


Re: SMS controller.

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A firmware bug.

It seems to also be seeing "DISALARM" when you send "DISALARMON" etc...



Re: SMS controller.

On the topic of the Silicon CHip SMS controller: I built one late last year,
but failed to get it to work. I'm not any kind of expert with electronics
and need someone to have a look over it (with proper measuring equipment)
who has built one that works.... I'm in Bendigo Central Victoria. Anyone
interested in helping me out?

Re: SMS controller.

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 13:42:41 GMT, "Joe in Bendigo"

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Assuming it's a construction error, I suggest you post photos (or
scans) of both sides of your PCB on your web space.

- Franc Zabkar
Please remove one 'i' from my address when replying by email.

Re: SMS controller.

I've uploaded photos at:
Thanks to anyone who can spot the error(s)!

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Re: SMS controller.

Joe, does the power LED come on? Do the serial LEDs blink? Any more clues?


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Re: SMS controller.

Sorry to change the topic slightly.

I have been told the GSM network may be closed around the end of 2008.
This will mean the S.C. SMS controller will no longer work with the
Nokia 5110 and other models.

Does anyone know if there may be any plans for a new version to work
with a 3G phone?


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