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Re: Scum that make me ashamed to be a pretend "loudmouthed, pistol totin, wench humpin, African plantation owner and audio designer"

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In Australia we had a simple way of dealing with the likes of Andre
McCoy: set the dogs on them at the front gate. Once at my sheep station
on the Nullabor Plains we had someone like him sneak over the back
fence to steal my ancient Harley Davidson only to lose one of his
testicles to the Cedric, my blue heeler who promptly snacked on it like
the prairie oyster it was.

You know I had missed the initial posts as I'd killfiled Jute/McCoy.
All I can say on the matter is that for Phil to be endorsed by Andre
in such a gushing, fawning manner, is the KISS of death for Phil.

Aus.hi-fi slowly composted thanks to Phil's constant abuse there, until
someone set up a web based moderated forum. Anyone is allowed to post
there so long as they are civil including Phil, but he won't take up the
offer to behave in a Tourette's free manner. Instead he gives a bum
steer to someone out for advice and spews when this is pointed out.

Re: Scum that make me ashamed to be an Australian

I apologize for leaving you off my list of scum in audio in Australia
the first time round. I have now rectified that oversight.

Your claim that I killfiled *you* is a lie. I merely untagged a boring
subthread in which you were repeating yourself whiningly to the effect
that Patrick and I should fight *your* corner for you because *you*
were incapable of fighting it yourself.The rest of your post below
builds on that lie. My response proves you are lying.

If you are now more capable of making a case for j-flops or whatever
your obsession was called, go ahead and we'll read you with interest.
But do stop whining like a sullen teenager when people don't read you
because you are a boor, a bore and a liar, and can't even make a
persausive case for a simple, well-known component to the most
open-minded hobbyists in the universe.

Andre Jute
Our legislators managed to criminalize fox-hunting and smoking; when
they will get off their collective fat arse and criminalize negative
feedback? It is clearly consumed only by undesirables. wrote:
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Re: Scum that make me ashamed to be an Australian said:

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Maybe you can fool us by putting a nice WE300B and a 417 with some
trannies on top of a shiny chassis, while underneath an LM3886 does
all the work? ;-)


- Never argue with idiots, they drag you down their level and beat you with
experience. -

Re: Scum that make me ashamed to be an Australian

I doubt it. There would other, far better approaches. Personally, I
would start with a Zero Global NFB SS amp. Then I would cripple it to
simulate the tube one. The LM3886 requires the use of large amounts of
Global NFB. Bad idea.

Re: Scum that make me ashamed to be an Australian

following ...

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If you would like to meet me in Young & Jackson's anytime Jute, I'll be only
too happy to oblige you. I've been in more fights (I grew up in Brunswick)
both in & out of the ring than you've had hot dinners.
I've made similar offers to Allison on numerous occassions, but like the
gutless coward he is, he has refused 'to go around or two for a pound or
two', each time, preferring to threaten me with Police action if I even
knock on his front door.
I'll bet you are just the same; all piss & wind like a butcher's dog. Put up
or shut up Jute.

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How would you know ANYTHING about me Jute? You've been listening to that
liar Allison too much. Sure, I'm not tall, only 5'8", but I'm 13 1/2 stone &
played hooker for University Blacks. So if you'd like to mix it with me, be
my guest, you gormless loser.

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Then come to my place & write it, if you still can after 5 minutes.
I suspect you're just as big a liar & as full of BS as Allison.
Obviously, from the comments made by others, you're nothing but a fruitloop,
so go back to RAT where your mate hangs out (not literally; you bunch of
dickless losers) and do your guesswork there.


Re: Scum that make me ashamed to be an Australian

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I like it when ya talk tough.
A sorta email gladiator, how scary it must be for those who upset ya :-)

Regards ......... Rheilly Phoull

Re: Scum that make me ashamed to be an Australian

That fat old shortass Laurie Dare -- who ludicrously calls himself
"roughplanet" -- wants to relive his violent commie-pinko-fellow
traveller past by offering to beat me up. That's all commie scum were
ever good for, bringing their mates and their lead bars and breaking
legs. That Twee Laurie Fatso is a commie wrecker is another reason he
makes me ashamed to be an Australian. But it makes it easy to
understand where he learned his immoral bullying.

Andre Jute

roughplanet (a fat old shortass Stalinist sockpuppet) wrote:
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Re: Scum that make me ashamed to be an Australian

Adding to the list of scum in audio who make me ashamed to be an
Trevor Wilson (
who brags about replacing a client's tubes with transistors without
telling the client. Indeed, Rage Audio dishonestly ensured that the
filaments would light up further to deceive the customer. Anyone who
buys any goods or services from Trevor Wilson at Rage Audio deserves
exactly what they get, which will be immorality, deceit, untruth, goods
not as described, and so on. I also wonder about the trading standards
officers who let this operation of passing off ( a legal term for
deceitfully selling dross as gold) pass them by after the criminal
perpetrator, Wilson, publicly bragged about it. I reckon this little
bastard Wilson should be in jail. I only wish this immoral little man
Wilson had tried to piss on an effective consumer guerilla like Phil
Allison the way he pissed on his poor customer.

The list of immoral, deceitful, bullying scum who make me ashamed to be
an Australian now includes:
Alan Rutlidge (don't_spam_me
Mark Harriss ( (honorary transportee)
Trevor Wilson (

Andre Jute
Zero tolerance for kindergarten thugs

Re: Scum that make me ashamed to be an political adviser for the Australians and high speed driver of GT musclecars

That's a rather poor opening salvo for Andre Jute,
usually he'd have a name sorted out by now. I suspect
he's working on a much larger piece intended to put
anyone who doesn't appreciate Phil's talents in their
rightful place.

I wonder who wronged him so badly in the past for him
to keep up the same song in so many different keys.

Mark Harriss
(Former Turneroid Tacky Troll)

Re: Scum that make me ashamed to be an Australian

: Andre Jute wrote to Philip Allison:
: "> Congratulations on proving once again that you are a
more useful
: member
: > of society (in addition to being a more knowledgeable
audiophile) than
: > that scum at aus.hi-fi. Not that the demonstration is
necessary after
: > they danced around publicly jerking off in glee at the
possibility that
: > you might have suffered a loss, thereby demonstrating
the sort of
: > people they are."
: I used to be tough on the cultural cringers and others who
: for being Australian. But now I understand how they feel,
after I saw
: TT ( and Alan Rutlidge
: (don't_spam_me and the rest of that
: trailer park trash (1) in action, taunting Phil, then
complaining that
: he abuses them. They should be abused, indeed stepped on
hard enough to
: wipe them. They're bullying scum.
: Andre Jute
: Zero tolerance for farmyard bullies
: (1) And in more moral times, that British loudmouth Mark
: ( would have been deported to father
more criminal
: progeny like TT and Rutlidge, on sheep of course.

Hi Andre,

I never spoken to you before now, nor will likely to ever
again.  I do hope that you and Philthy have a wonderful life
together in married bliss.  This is surely a marriage made
in Hell!

BTW Why not get your facts straight *BEFORE* you wade into
any discussion involving your soul mate!

TT  "zero tolerance for abusive idiots that go off half

Re: Scum that make me ashamed to be an Australian

<snipped bullshit>

Then move to Iraq.

Oz, not Aus.

Relative sanit is to be had at :- /

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