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Here's a quick one. What do you use to secure the wire of HF inductors, whether wound on cylindrical formers or on iron powder toroids. I have googled the topic and read lots of the hits. Polystyrene dissolved in acetone, toluene or xylene seems to be popular.

In the past I have used tarzans grip, nail varnish, genuine shellac made of flakes in methylated spirit, model aircraft styrene cement and PCB conformal coating from s spraycan. The PCB coating was neat and easy to apply but I wonder about its dialectric properties at radio frequencies. I'd think it would be fine but I've thought wrong before. Americans favour Duco cement but that brand-name of solvent based nitrocellulose glue seems not to exist in Oz. I have just tried dissolving foam cups in acetone but only produced a white mass that was not very adhesive. Maybe my cups aren't really polystyrene.

So what's a good coil dope, preferably available off the shelf in Australia? PH

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I've used clear nail varnish for years, even at 10ghz on copper and brass, where i've used it to stop tarnishing.

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Dissolved polystyrene contains styrene monomer, which is dangerous, c.f. wikipedia:

"Styrene is largely metabolized into styrene oxide in humans, resulting from oxidation by cytochrome P450. Styrene oxide is considered toxic, mutagenic, and possibly carcinogenic"


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