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I'm looking at lighting a workshop with energy efficient lighting that will give good colour rendition and so far the options that shape up best are T5 fluorescents or white LEDs.

The fluoros are looking to be best value for money as they are commonly available but I have seen mention of 130 Lumen per Watt LEDs being developed.

Does anyone know of sources of lighting quality LEDs that will beat the 100 lumens per watt T5's?.

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Mark Harriss
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Go for the T5, by far the best value for money.

Cree are one of the leaders:

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161 L/W in the lab:
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but their standard XR-E LEDs do over 100L/W Plenty of lighting products available that use these Cree LEDs. Not cheap of course.


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David L. Jones

But not in production. Jam tomorrow. Their efficiency also drops significantly at higher currents. Beware press releases. They don't tell the whole story.

Since someone else has already mentioned Cree, take a peek here.

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Beware the very high colour temperature of the most efficient so-called 'white' LEDs. It's in the 6500K region.

I tried a 5000K CFL and even that was too 'cold' for me.


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6500K is equivalent in colour to direct sunlight. You may be looking at the cheaper 'white' LEDs, that are actually much bluer than 6500K.

Jeez. 5000K is way too orange for my taste.

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Bob Larter

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