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 gee hunter

cant you handle the truth mate

just cos were were right and you were wrong dont mean we are hateful

you will get used to facing reality in time mate

pointing out the truth is not hateful even though it may hurt

mates owe it to tell each other the truth

Bush Blair and Howard will face war crimes trials as will all who
supported the illegal un winnable wars

we warned you may times western taxpayers would bleed to death over
Iraq and Afghanistan

we warned you house prices would crash and western economy was DOOMED

even if it hurts

nothing can save western taxpayers from facing justice and paying for
their crimes

nothing can save australian farmers from bankruptcy and ruin

nothing can save israel or the usa from paying for their many crimes

this is simple reality mate

not hatred

after you work through the denial stage ,  then the anger stage then
the grief and reach acceptance , you will eventually thank us mate for
telling the truth

we  will forgive you , then you can help us rebuild what ever is left
after the war crimes trials remove the real terrorists and criminals

Australian Agri business is about to collapse completely

thousands upon thousand have lost the lot, every last cent gone

banks have lost the lot as well , we warned them too ,

farms that are not worth one dollar , as the cost of owning them is
greater than the income potential of most Australian farms

They are worth nothing ,not one dollar  , investors in the rural
sector have lost the lot

Timber corp went from over 2 dollars  a share to NIL , banks lost all
their money and the land STILL needs o pay rates and taxes
Banks will soon PAY PEOPLE to takeover farms so as to wipe the
growing  debts from their books
. =

Creditors meet after  yet  another huge Agri business collapses

Andrew Main | April 25, 2009
Article from:  The Australian

TIMBERCORP voluntary administrators KordaMentha yesterday set May 5 as
the date of the first creditors' meeting.

It identified unit  holders in the group's 40 managed investment
schemes (MIS) as potential creditors. along with many others.

The Melbourne-based listed group went into administration on Thursday
with debts of about $900 million against some $595 million in assets.
but attempts to sell off some assets failed to find buyers , no
interest in farms that lose money and can not even pay running costs

It was the victim of a gradual squeeze between a substantial debt
burden and drought-ravaged operating well as being vastly
over valued and heavily leveraged to bank loans that were  taken out
far beyond the real valuation based on income  potential

Most of its timber and horticultural assets are along the Murray River
and although Timbercorp controls significant water allocations, there
is no waterto allocate,  the simple unavailability of water and the
cost of trucking in small amounts meant that crop yields in the last
two years were a long away below predictions. most plantations will
need to pay to pull them up

Regis Besencon, a Victorian authorised representative based in
Healesville who holds a major line of MIS units, said yesterday he had
been invited to attend the meeting, which implied that he and his 50-
odd "grower" clients who were also MIS unitholders might also be
creditors of the listed entity.

"We're very concerned to make sure our interests are taken care of
even though we're not Timbercorp shareholders," said Mr Besencon.

"We don't just want to roll over and play dead."

Timbercorp owns or controls almost 100,000ha of eucalypt plantations,
12,000ha of almonds and 6530ha of olive groves as well as smaller
plantings of citrus, avocados, mangoes, grapes and truss tomatoes.

Most Agribusiness is in exactly the same hopeless trap , no buyers of
farms that can never show a return and still cost money to run

The group's structure is complex because Timbercorp owns much of the
land but contracted out the plantation management to specialist
companies such as Boundary Bend, Simpson Farms and Select Harvest,
which are not in administration, and the unitholders were paid a
return based on the crop produced, having paid the various costs of
producing the crops.

There are 14,000 Timbercorp shareholders and about 18,500 MIS
unitholders or "growers".

many other Agri busineess are about to admit they too are in the exact
same position

Most western business is in the exact same position world wide , but
the drought adds to most Australian farm business problems

With farms the banks can not simply close the factory gate

the animals or trees must be cared for ,  and a sale is now impossible
as running costs can never be able to cover ongoing cost of keeping
the gates open , and rates taxes , and pest control  , costs roll on
and banks are left holding the baby

EXACTLY as kanga tried to warn them for YEARS

those who bought camels are the only ones who will survive

Some FOOL wants the government to pay him 50 million dollars to shoot
camels to save his farm

poor silly FOOL can not see the forest for the trees
Thank GOD he wont be in farming much longer

Camels will be the biggest rural income in Australia next century

sadly the experts will all need to die out because they can never
admit they were wrong and kanga was right

Only REAL men can admit they were wrong


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Jesus there's a lot of fuckwits out this weekend... Lets remind you
about just a little bit of the proof of you being a spiteful
full-of-hate bigot shall we????

 From yourself in usenet:

"I was thinking we need a new research lab that will be safe from the
white christian capitalists and jews and rioters mate "

"The jews and christians wont let any Muslims succeed in research of
anything as you know mate"

"Are white people all Hypocrites or what"

"The entire world now knows what white christian aussies are REALLY

"Sooner or later the dumb aussies will listen"

"WHY do white christians WANT Zimbabwe destroyed so desperately"

"By examining the numbers it is possible to identify white christian
capitalists [ rich ruling class ] are by far the greatest EVIL the
world has ever known "

"White christian Australian Soldiers are no better than the  Jewish or
  USA soldiers who trained them "

"But white experts could not then and STILL can not think outside their
white western christian echo chamber "

And I really can't be bothered going any further, all of that was from
only the first 2 pages of 25 pages worth of links to the crap you
dribble in usenet. You've got some real issues to sort out you spiteful
full-of-hate bigot.

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