Re: Measuring three phase currents

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If you have a value for peak current (as opposed to RMS) divide it by
sqrt2 to give you the RMS current for each phase. You need the RMS
value to get a kVA figure. The above formula you mentioned only
applies for balanced three phase systems, which depending on the
application may or may not be the case. Seeing as you are measuring
all three phases:

kVA 3D% (red phase amps * 240) + (white phase amps * 240) + (blue phase
amps * 240).

This obviously assumes the voltage is 240, multiply by the measured
value if you have that.

Out of curiosity why do you need to do this ? There are a crap load of
commerically available pieces equipment which do this and much much
more..... Amazing how cheap some of it is too considering what is does


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