Radio Shack bankrupt

Fond memories of Tandy, it's how I got my start in computers and electronics too. Dave posted a video on the EEVBlog for those interested.

Time to fire up a model 1 and CoCo to to relive the glory years.

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90 years of history gone, but, in the US, they had gone the same way as Dick Smith has here, but at least they had a few bits of hobby stuff hidden down the back.
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Same here (though most of my electronic purchases back then were from Dick Smith).

Also my first foray into retail, back in the days when Tandy meant something. I still have several thousand InterTAN shares which were given as a staff incentive, now worth far less than the paper they're printed on.

Radio Shack should've learnt from the collapse of Tandy in Australia and InterTAN in general - you can't replace in-house quality brands with el-cheapo/el-crappo stuff and still charge an arm and a leg for them. Similarly, you can't replace experienced & knowledgable staff with ex-K-Mart "salespeople" and expect to turn a profit.

Bob Milutinovic 
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Bob Milutinovic

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