Q: Make an amplifier battery powered?

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Hi. I want to purchase a really nice acoustic amp, for street performance.
I've tried all the various busker amps available, the Crate Taxi, the
Fender Amp-Can, but unfortunately they're not good enough for the sort of
stuff I want to do. There's the AER Compact Mobile, which is good enough,
but far too expensive IMO.

I'm considering the Roland AC-60


Unfortunately, it's not battery powered.

Is my only option, therefore, to carry around a big car battery and an

Somebody told me that on some amps you can get technician to bypass the
power supply, so you can run it off batteries. Is that plausible?

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Re: Q: Make an amplifier battery powered?

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Not really unless the amp has a low output or a 1 ohm speaker system.
12 volts isn't enough to produce the power levels you'll need.

Auto subwoofer amps use a step-up power supply. I have one here
extracted from a 400W car subwoofer amp. The power supply MOSFETs
had been blown up by some ignorant modifications to the amp, but
that wasn't hard to fix. It uses a TL494 SMPS chip, as many computer
power supplies used to. Anyhow, the two pairs of output MOSFETs in
the SMPS drive a toroidal transformer in push-pull, with two secondary
windings of 2:1 ratio, which produces an output after rectification
of +-25 volts from a 13.8 volt input.

I suspect that the amp you like differs only from the ones you don't
simply by the quality of the speakers - nothing to do with the amp at
all. Consider buying a speaker you like, and driving it from a car sub
amp on your battery.

Clifford Heath.

Re: Make an amplifier battery powered?

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Oh I should add that all these amps come battery powered.

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Re: Make an amplifier battery powered?


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** You really are a COLOSSALLY arrogant, know nothing wanker  !!!!!

Jaycar have very compact inverters for under $50  with  >90 % efficiency and
low standby consumption ( cat M15102) - it weighs under 1kg.

They also have a 12 volt, 18 AH  SLA battery for $65  ( cat SB2490 )  -  it
weighs just over 6 kg.

So all up weight  =  7 kg.

Operating time  =   about 5-6  hours.

Many amps that run from a 12 volt battery have  DC-DC  inverters  INSIDE
them -  you  ASS.

......    Phil

Re: Q: Make an amplifier battery powered?
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check out this @ Ebay


Re: Make an amplifier battery powered?

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For the sort of power demanded there probably isn't much alternative to a
big heavy battery (except maybe a portable generator).

Many buskers adapt car audio equipment to suit their needs, often a stereo
graphic equaliser/BTL booster is easy to modify to fit the job, although
hard core customisers who like their "1 note honking bass" use low voltage
inverters with split rails (about +50V & -50V) and in car power amplifiers
designed for this use. The obvious advantage of the setup is that the
voltage isn't being transformed up only to be transformed down again so the
conversion losses are minimised.

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