pic16f88 programming fail

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I'm having problems programming a pic16f88.

I have a JDK type programmer (PG2 from Olimex) and am using WinPic
(also tried ICProg but have removed it and drivers due to possible
conflicts with WinPic).

The device simply seems to stay blank after programming.  I've tried
fiddling with the interface timing but to no avail.

Static tests show correct voltages on Vpp and Vcc.

I have had this programmer working just fine for a year or two with
other pic devices (eg pic 16f870, 16f872 and 16f84) using ICProg.

Neither ICProg or WinPic will work with the 16f88 for me.

Any suggestions of what to start looking for?


Re: pic16f88 programming fail

Hello Glenn
Are you talking about a single 16F88 or have you tried with several
and got the same result?
I once had a 16F84 that wouldn't program and it ended up in the bin.

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Re: pic16f88 programming fail

Tim Polmear wrote:
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Does it with several devices.  I think I have found the problem but am
still checking to confirm.  Take a look at this:


I never would have thought of it - a very interesting little problem.


Re: pic16f88 programming fail

Glenn wrote:
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Just dug out my old Tait style programmer.  Guess what?  It works
perfectly.  Since this programmer controls Vcc as well as Vpp, I
believe the problem is the one described in the link above (I enabled
the internal oscillator and disconnected MCLR through the config word).


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