Philips 29PT8419/79R CTV (EM1A Chassis) - Severe Pincushion

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G'day NG,

Now first off I'm going to state that TVs really aren't my forte. For some
reason, I always end up getting 'bitten' and prefer to work on LV

A friend has asked me to have a look at his CTV (model above). I found the
service code for this model and when used, the following is displayed
(although the pincushioning is severe so that it is hard to read):

9866        SWID    EM12A1-3-0

ERR                0      0      0      0      0      0      0
???     121     91    255  183  204    0      0      0



I'm guessing that the top line is something to with firmware and chassis ID?
The next line of zeros represent the different areas and the numbers below
the zeros indicate errors that are present.

The pincusioning starts from about 2 inches in from each of the top edges
and curves down (concave) to 6-8 inches in along the bottom edge of the
screen. The amount of pincushioning worsens slightly with time (heat?).

Some research has suggested to replace the SSB (Small Signal Board).

I would be very grateful for any advice on how to interpret the service
codes and an SSB replacement may cure the problem ... and ... how much the
SSB may cost (apparently the CTV is about 3-4 years old?)

Thanks in advance.


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