OT: Washington Post Article.

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This one is off topic, but I found it such an interesting read, that I'm
sure others will too:

Washington Post Article.
This is the best active spam bust operation I have seen to date.

The US stock market halts trading for 35 companies that are promoting
stocks over the net.

Now if authorities could stop other companies trading, that are actively
involved in this type of activity, problem would vanish.

But don't hold your breath. :-)


Don McKenzie
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Re: OT: Washington Post Article.

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    I saw that story last night. Good on the US SEC for taking some
positive action against the criminals responsible for filling our
in-boxes with image spam.
    But as you said, don't hold your breath. I've just forwarded the
fourth new pump-n-dump image spam for the day to the SEC's reporting
    If the US government would do a few TV ads telling the viewers not
to respond to *any* spam, that might make a noticeable difference. But
that would be harming "free enterprise", so it will never happen.


Re: Washington Post Article.

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Ah yes, spam. Isn't that when you persistently post any old off topic
drivel, in the guise of something that whomever might be interested in
reading, then take the unwelcome opportunity to spam-out your latest blatant
commercial message. Hmm, seems "crystal clear" and "super bright" to me.

Get a grip McKenzie. No more of this "aren't spammers awful" nonsense.
You're no better, and this hypocritical stance of yours is, to put it
mildly, pushing the limit to which your own commercial activities will be

Perhaps, as you have suggested for those in the stock market trade, we were
to stop your little company from trading. Maybe then another small piece of
the problem would, as you have put it, vanish. You could then go back to the
position you held working alongside those with similarly wishy-washy
mindsets, and quit your blessed hawking at all of us.

Hmm, could be you have a good point after all.

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