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Re: OT: Sanyo Vacuum Cleaner Failure

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Sometimes simply asking to escalate (or whatever keyword) works, this
happened recently almost by accident, as I didn't realise the call centre
operator's training was so tightly restricted to certain keywords.  So
if one didn't ask the right way, they seemed unhelpful.

Going to the top can do wonders, but it may result in a confused situation
for some time too, as people scramble to fix issue as well as satisfy their
bosses things really are under control.

Companies need stirring at times to get service.  Though some companies so
busy they don't care about 'threats', you actually do have to have the
industry ombudsman involved and wait months for satisfaction.


Re: OT: Sanyo Vacuum Cleaner Failure
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I found that managers I got after a case escalation were often rude and
not helpful. Then I just hung up, found out who the big honcho was and
hunted for the contact info. This information is often closely guarded
but can be found. Sometimes it's as simple as trying to find public tax
filings with stock exchange authorities, patent applications, and so on.
Sometimes they are a member in a sports club.

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Oh, they sure did care. Except one board of elected officials who
thought they ruled the universe and could have us and a lot of other
people over the barrel. Some press exposure and a certified letter in
hardcore legalese later they very suddenly became super-friendly. Now I
really don't like doing that and have done it only once, but it had to
be done.

Regards, Joerg

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